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The Dandelion ower is a symbol of youth, simplicity with deeper complexity, beauty, strength and sustainability. It is a very tough ower which resists no matter how many times being stepped on. It sets the tone for a strong will for the future, provides happiness and is a promise of faithfulness. Each white tuft is anchored to a center support, a central hub that holds many ne orets/petals. As with Earth Expo, we will be holding many variations of products and suppliers that assist our main focus: Our Planet, The center of our existence, the visual center of the Dandelion. Each tuft incorporates Natural, Human, Social, Manufactured and Financial capitals. It embodies all individuals, and products, that work together with the planet to make it work as a whole. An easy ower to recognize, this ower is a tap rooted biennial, so it will keep coming back time after time. It encompasses stability from the root and the reoccurance of the changes that we will be making from here on out. At some point the Dandelion will spread throughout and create new dandelion plants. As with Earth Expo, we will be creating a world of understanding, delivering what we plan to exhibit and through that we will grow, enabling learning for a better and more sustainable planet. It is an emotional image that takes us back to picking the ower and blowing it in the wind as children, when life seemed simple and pure. It indicates the arrival of spring, of new, of fresh and of life. It’s seeds are symbol of love and take root in the place where they land…. Earth. Here they grow and thrive, and are able to rapidly colonise an area. It highlights the journey we will be embarking on to enlighten and educate the people of this planet. It allows us all to be a part of the change you want to see in this world.

    Lauren Thompson (Capital 5 Consulting)

    Group Executive Director

    With a passion for concepts, our earth, our children and skills in project management, Lauren ensures tailor made, exciting and innovative design with logistic management. Lauren has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 12 years. Having conceptualised, implemented and driven exciting projects such as; the first ever Green Pavilion at Decorex, Award winning Green House at Decorex, Green Design Centre with Century Properties and Du Pont new offices at Melrose Arch to name a few. Whacky and wonderful. There is no limit to her imagination and capability to set her apart from the rest in first of their kinds and original projects including; Missing Link offices featured on Top Billing competing with the top 10 most creative offices in South Africa alongside Google, and the indulgent and decadent Coffee & Chocolate Expo.

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