Earth Expo brings you a journey through your day in a realistic environment, a feast of sustainable brands to help you #MakeBetterChoices.  Join us on our journey to demystify Green Living and provide you with the tools and knowledge to make necessary changes from the smallest change in thinking to have the biggest positive impact on our future for generations to come.




Outdoor living and connecting with your environment, from meditations, planting, water, mobility, exercise, solar cooking, high tech living and so much more that is good for the environment and you.






Enjoy your space in nature right in your own home making use of recycled and reclaimed materials to provide you with easy living, décor, recycling, urban farming, Aquaculture, organics, furniture and convenience.






Wake up refreshed, feast your eyes on our organic food and beverage, energy efficient equipment, waste management, sustainable cabinetry and furniture, cookware, accessories and yummy delights just to mention a few.



Lounge Dining


Don’t compromise on comfort, every element of living, support our entrepreneurs and brands making a difference in our community and world, creativity at its best for comfortable and sustainable living without the damage.

Learn about the skills development and job creation that these amazing products provide and understand the product life cycles that affect our day to day living.



Office and Technology



We spend a lot of time in built environment’s, learn about available technology, equipment, furniture and modular design for efficient ergonomics making your day easy and sustainable.



Health and Wellness



From your home gym and yoga practice to the elements you need to enjoy fitness and health to opportunities in nutritional wellness and career choices.







Our precious children need a good and healthy start in life from baby products, toys, furniture and comforts when mom isn’t there, spread their wings and give them the tools to secure their future.






Get a good night’s rest without compromising on your health and aesthetics, furniture, bedding, skin and beauty, flooring and décor wake up ready for your day in style.







Fashion and beauty translated from our beautiful environment to your personal style ethically.







Don’t flush away your future learn about water saving, organic beauty and personal hygiene, furniture, energy efficiency, style and décor without destroying the environment.




Education   Inspiration   Encouragement   Transformation

The journey begins here for a sustainable future #MakeBetterChoices


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